Custom Tile Work

Custom Tile Flooring Contractor in Westchester, New York.

While best known for its appealing, luxurious look, tile is also one of the most durable and practical floor and wall options. It is resilient and universally stylish, and it adds both value and finesse to a home or business.

A Versatile Choice

With an almost endless variety of types, textures, shapes and sizes, tile can transform the look of almost any type of room or space– making it a decorator’s dream. The wide variety of material options also gives some flexibility to help with budgeting challenges.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Installing tile is a serious investment, so every interested home or business owner should seek out the expertise of highly competent professionals who have extensive experience in both the installation of various types of tile and its general maintenance.

Time-Proven and Locally Distinguished

Perfecto places focus on impeccable installation guidelines, high-quality creative design, versatility and personal attention that meets the client’s needs in every way. Westchester contractors are backed by over 25 years of experience in renovation and have a well-established reputation for unmatched quality workmanship.

Getting it Right from the Start

Our proficient Westchester tiling experts ensure that every step of the installation is executed to the highest standards. Proper surface preparation, appropriate underlayment and use of the highest quality materials is essential not only for a beautifully finished product, but for lasting stability and the assurance that no installation-related problems will surface later on. We earned our reputation, and we do not take it for granted.

Westchester Services: Tile Installation

Our tiling contractors offer both commercial and residential tile installation services that cover virtually every possible type of tiling need from small accents to entire rooms.

Tile Flooring
Kitchen Tiling
Bathroom Tiling
Accent Tiling
Foyer Tiling
Tile Backsplashes
Tiling on Walls
Tiling in Your Garden
Office Space Tiling
Retail Store Tile Flooring and Walls
Restaurant Tile Flooring
Commercial Washroom Tiling
Commercial Kitchen Tiling
Gym Floor Tiling
Spa, Resort and Hotel Tiling

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One-of-a-Kind Artistic Custom Designs

Our skilled contractors will work closely with each client to create the perfect tile design of their dreams. With ample experience and advice to offer, we can help even those who do not feel confident about their tiling knowledge design spaces that reflect their unique personal style and vision.

Types of Tiles We Install:

Ceramic Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Granite Tiles
Marble Tiles
El Dorado Stone
Terrazzo Tiles
Pebble Tile
Terra Cotta
Stainless Steel
Glass Mosaic
Glass Block

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Other Tile Services

Once tiles are installed, they can be kept beautiful for life with routine maintenance. Fortunately, even when damaged or neglected for years, they can often be repaired and restored to perfection. We offer various services to both repair damaged tile and help maintain and protect tiled surfaces. For specific information about restoration and care of existing tile, please contact us for details.

Tile Repairs

If tiles have been cracked or chipped, they can be repaired or replaced. Loose tiles can be stabilized, and missing tiles can be matched and replaced. Requirements for each individual job vary, but in many cases, even old or badly damaged tiled surfaces can be creatively and accurately restored to produce a like-new appearance. In cases where new tile cannot be perfectly matched to an existing one, creative alternatives can be designed to make use of the existing work and give it a fresh, new look.

Re-grouting & Caulking

Grout is the cement-like material that fills the gaps between the tiles. It should be removed and replaced every four to six years to ensure stability of the surface and prevent water penetration, which can cause deterioration behind the tile. Caulk is used to seal areas where tile meets a different surface, such as the area between the floor and wall tiles, or where a tile back-splash meets a kitchen counter top.

Crumbling grout, discoloration and loose tiles are good indicators that the tile is overdue for grout and caulk maintenance. We can perform a complete re-grouting and re-caulking that will make a tiled wall or floor look brand new and protect it for years to come.

Waterproofing & Sealers

Most tiled surfaces are not automatically treated with sealants and waterproofing products when installed. Many homeowners would benefit from having them applied to their existing tiled areas, especially in kitchens or bathrooms where the tile is frequently exposed to water.

Various sealing options are available that prevent water from damaging both tile and the grout surrounding it. This process also has cosmetic benefits; it can help to deter discoloration that occurs over time from water and air exposure. Ask one of our tiling experts which sealing or waterproofing method is best for your particular type of tile.

Confer with Our Skilled Tile Experts

Whatever your tiling objectives are, we are ready to help. Our experienced professionals look forward to assisting you with all of your questions and helping you bring all of your creative tiling ideas to life.