Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Contractor in New York City.

Steam Cleaning is the usually the most thorough of way cleaning the carpets in your business or public facility.  With the right pre-treatment process and the careful hand of a steam cleaning professional your carpets can come out looking like brand new again.  The pre-treatment process can eliminate any unpleasant odors and leave your carpets smelling fresh again.

We don’t just steam clean carpets either.  Steam cleaning is a very effective way to clean tile and grout too. Washroom facilities, tile floors, commercial kitchens, hotel pool areas and more can all benefit from a very thorough steam clean.  The hot steam works great for removing grease, oils and other built up grime.

Perfecto Construction Corp. is a full service maintenance contractor serving New York City.  We specialize in steam cleaning for commercial property owners such as restaurant owners, hotel managers, property managers and more.

Steam Cleaning Services We Provide:

  • Restaurant Steam Cleaning
  • Washroom Steam Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Draperies