Remodeling Your Brooklyn, NY Home

Remodeling Your Brooklyn NY Home

Looking To Renovate or Remodel Your Brooklyn, NY Home?

Have you just purchased a new (to you) home in the Brooklyn area?  Maybe you’d like to make some changes to the home such as finishing that addition or a basement, or remodeling the exterior for a more modern look.  Maybe you’ve been living in the same home for many years and you’d like to make some major changes or updates to the home to make it more suitable for your growing family, or just your changing needs.

No matter the reasons for remodeling your home in Brooklyn, it’s important to make sure you’re hiring a licensed and experienced contractor to do the work.  It’s in your best interest to involve a contractor as early on in the project that you can, even if only to determine the feasibility.  You certainly don’t want to have anyone cause damage to your home, or go down a path that will lead to building code issues and inspection failures because a project was pre-maturely started or poorly planned.

Here Are A Few Home Remodeling Tips For Brooklyn Homeowners.

#1.  Consider Accessibility In Your Design

If you’re going to be remodeling your home so that you can live in it for the next 10-20 years it’s important to consider how your life might change in that time and try to plan for it in your remodeling plans.  This is called “accessible design” and it’s a growing trend among homeowners looking to remodel their houses.  Accessible design can include wider doorways, less stairs, custom cabinet arrangements, wide open spaces and lots of natural light.

An accessible design makes a home safer, more usable and friendlier for families or those with this disabilities or mobility issues due to aging.  No matter who uses your home, an accessible design will ensure they have a good experience and should you ever go to sell the home it will be suitable for almost any buyer.

#2.  Are You Looking To Improve Energy Efficiency?

Have your home heating bills been abnormally high this winter?  Energy isn’t getting any cheaper and our winters aren’t getting that much warmer so it’s usually high on new homeowners lists to get their home into the best “energy efficient” shape they affordably can.  Have your windows ever been replaced with more energy efficient models?  Has your attic ever been insulated properly?  Thanks to modern technology there are more and more ways to keep the heat inside your home including energy efficient windows, proper insulation, insulated entry doors and more.

#3.  It’s a Great Time To Finish Your Basement

If you’ve just purchased a home in the Brooklyn area there is a good chance the basement has never been finished.  An unfinished basement offers an immediate opportunity to make a drastic improvement in the usability of your home.  Maybe you’d like to have a kids playroom downstairs, a mancave or a rental suite for an in-law?  The basement offers a wealth of possibilities and thanks to the existing plumbing and electrical and the fact that a ceiling and walls are in place it’s a lot more affordable than building an addition.

#4.  Bathrooms Are Always Great To Remodel

Bathrooms are always a popular choice with homeowners because of the direct impact they have not only in the appearance of your home but also in your comfort and enjoyment.  Bringing the luxurious, spa-like, relaxing atmosphere into your home is easy to do when you’re working with a professional contractor.  There is still hope for that 70’s or 80’s bathroom you’ve got in your main hallway, master bedroom or downstairs!

#5.  Remodeling Your Kitchen Will Make You Happy

If you love cooking and entertaining then it only makes sense to invest in your kitchen.  A beautiful kitchen is always impressive and most homeowners don’t even realize the untapped potential their own kitchen has to offer.  Some of the more popular kitchen remodeling choices would be granite countertops, beautiful cabinetry, kitchen islands, tile flooring, tile backsplashes and even the construction of bars or integrated eating areas.

#6.  Sometimes Rebuilding Is Necessary

There are many homes in the area that were older, neglected and by today’s standards would be considered total tear-downs.  Buying and rebuilding these properties has been a growing trend within New York as many homeowners want to end up in the most desirable neighborhoods but can’t find a suitable home.  Buying a home that needs to be tore down and rebuilt will get you the location you want, and ultimately you’ll be getting the home you want too.

If you’re considering a tear-down or rebuilding a home in the Brooklyn area it’s important you work with a contractor that understands the local building codes and any by-laws that pertain to the tearing down and rebuilding of structures.

Who Remodels Homes in Brooklyn, NY?

Perfecto CorpPerfecto Construction Corp. is a full service general contractor serving the Brooklyn, NY area.  With over 30 years experience in the local remodeling industry you can count on prompt, courteous communication, high quality craftsmanship and a company that stands behind their work.

Whether you’re looking to remodel that home you’ve just purchased or you’d like to tear down and rebuild or just remodel a single room in your home, Perfecto Construction Corp can help you plan and complete your remodeling project from start to finish.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to remodel your Brooklyn home please give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll be getting back to you shortly.