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Paving is one of the most important components of any landscape. Masons and pavers have been enhancing natural spaces since ancient times, and the craft still endures as one of the most highly regarded elements of landscaping. The beautiful patterns of paving stones used in retaining walls, patios and other exterior features not only add a look of elegance but also provide functionality to the space they occupy. While some amateurs attempt these projects on their own, masonry and paving work is always best performed by experienced professionals, like our Westchester paving and masonry experts, who can assure the highest level of stability, enduring integrity of the structure and a safe construction process.

Our Highly-Rated Pavers and Masons

A skilled and experienced craftsman will use the finest grade of material and know every trick of the trade. They will also be familiar with local regulations and factors that relate to the climate and geography of the region which can have a significant impact on the quality of the finished work. Perfecto’s Westchester paving and masonry contractors are backed by over 25 years of experience in the field with a company that has established a reputation for excellence in their local community. Our paving experts know the area’s limitations, strengths and weaknesses and can provide specific recommendations to our clients that will result in only the highest quality paving and masonry work for each project.

Methods and Materials

Paving and masonry materials chosen for landscape work vary widely. The most common choices are concrete block, brick and stone. The selection of materials depends on many factors such as cost, intended usage, architectural merit and environmental factors. The methods used to complete the work also vary.

Ground level paver stones are installed using one of two methods. Wet paving incorporates the use of mortars and concretes to stabilize the units. It is generally more expensive to install, but offers a more permanent structure that will last for many decades. Dry methods do not use mortar or concrete. Instead, the stones or pavers are fitted and stabilized into a layer of gravel and sand. This method tends to be less expensive and allows for more flexibility if there are shifts in the underlying ground, but it sometimes requires readjustment of the stones over time.

The type of installation method that is best in each case is determined when the physical area and budget factors are evaluated. Both methods require expertise, appropriate preparation work and technical knowledge to ensure a superior result.

Paver and Masonry Services We Offer:

Perfecto offers full-service paving and masonry installation and repair for both residential and commercial landscapes. Here are a few of the projects we can accomplish for our clients.

Construction & Remodeling Services in New York:

Driveway Aprons
Concrete Paving Stones
Concrete Blocks
Patio Paving
Retaining Walls
Decorative Features
General Masonry Projects
Landscape Drainage Structure
Outdoor Cooking Areas
Rock Fireplaces[divider type=”plain” width=”medium” align=”aligncenter” clear=”clearleft”]

Custom Design

Creative pavement designs are a great way to express personal style and artistry. Formulating complex patterns and mixing colors can be an exciting but challenging task. Our masonry and paving experts can provide advice and help design dazzling custom landscape features for both private and commercial areas. Our Westchester contractors take pride in keeping the client involved in every step of the construction process to assure that we meet every need and create nothing less than exactly what our clients have in mind.


Broken or damaged masonry and paving not only mar the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, they can present a danger and cause accidents. We can repair broken, cracked and missing components of a structure to restore both its stability and beauty. Please contact us for more specific repair information or estimates.

We Do it Right

Our contractors treat your time, your property and your privacy with respect. We uphold the highest standards in work ethic by keeping the work area clean and safe, and we give your property as much consideration as we would give to our own by protecting it through every phase of the project.

Budgets and Estimates

With a variety of options and materials available, the beautiful garden pathway or retaining wall you have been assuming you cannot afford may actually be within your reach. Consulting one of our design experts can help you to build a practicable plan for bringing your landscape to life.

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Whether you have a large commercial project or want to install a small residential accent, our highly skilled contractors are ready to help you craft the enduring and attractive landscape features of your dreams. To contact one of our paving and masonry experts for estimates and additional information.