NYC Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation

Here are pictures of our latest NYC Engineered hardwood  floor installation. We are converting this room in this walk in basement to a master bedroom. The product spec’d for this project by the owner was a Pre-finished Engineered White Oak with Natural Character 1/2″ X 5″ plank on a glue down application over a properly prepared concrete floor. This was truly a beautiful product that installs very well with a beautiful finish on it. The floor was 1/2″ or 3mm thick.


The Original floor was a 13×13 ceramic floor over concrete slab, which was in fairly good condition. Since we are converting this space into a master bedroom, the owners decided to go with wood. In the northeast, wood is preferred bedrooms over tile because tile is usually colder in the winter unless the floor has radiant heat.


We begin the demolition process by removing all the existing floor tiles, scarifying the thinset from the slab, and removing all debris. The new floor must be clean so that the new floor can adhere properly. Proper surface preparation is key for a long lasting installation. We never skimp on prep work! We stand behind all our workmanship!20130831-163352.jpg


After installation, all the tape is removed. Since this was a glue down on concrete slab application, blue painters tape is used to hold the boards in place while the wood flooring adhesive sets up. 20130831-160941.jpg



After all the tape is removed, the floor thoroughly vacuumed, then the surface is wiped and scraped of all excess adhesives, mopped with oil soap, and buffed to a shine. This results in a perfectly clean floor. We promise not to leave you in a mess. Perfecto Construction Corp. has years of experience in all phases of construction, from start to finish. Consider us for your next project.