Manhattan Laminate Counter Installation

Manhattan Laminate Counter Installation


Does your business need a durable, cost-effective solution that will stand up to heavy commercial use? From shelving and desks to custom work spaces and office furniture, laminate products can bring functionality, convenience, beauty and organization to virtually any type of commercial setting.


What Is Laminate?

Although most people associate laminate with modern building products, laminated wood was used as early as 1500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used layered woods to make furniture and coffins. Lamination is a manufacturing technique that can involve various types and combinations of materials. Different materials require different lamination processes. In general, making a laminate product involves joining multiple layers of materials in a way that improves their strength, durability or other attributes. Laminates are usually assembled into sheets through welding or by using direct pressure, heat or adhesives. Laminate quality is often determined by sheet thickness or the thickness of the urethane top coat that provides protection and extends the life of the product.


Common Laminate Products and Brands

Laminates are made from both natural and synthetic materials. The term laminate applies to a variety of finished products. Plywood, invented in the late 1700s, is a common laminate product used in construction. To make plywood, three or more thin layers of wood are bonded with adhesive. Each layer is placed with its natural grain at a right angle to the adjoining layer; this strategy reduces shrinking and reinforces any weak spots in the wood. The process creates an all-purpose wood product with superior durability. An example of a modern plastic laminate product is Formica. This well-known brand of laminate was the first to be sold to the general public. Layering kraft paper containing resin and finishing with a durable melamine layer that is compressed and heat-cured to produce a stable surface creates it. Other popular laminate brands include Wilsonart, Nevamar and Pionite.


Laminate Is Everywhere

The use of plywood in construction is almost universal. Laminate flooring is a popular alternative to solid wood floors. Many budget-priced laminate furniture products are created by gluing a thin veneer made from wood or plastic over a base of particle board. Because of its convenience, durability, versatility and moderate pricing, laminate is a great choice for almost any home or commercial application that demands a hard surface.


How Can Laminate Furniture or Counter Tops Help a Business?

Furniture and counter space used in commercial buildings often take a beating. Whether it is exposed to staff only or the general public, it must be able to endure the heavy use, work hazards and frequent abuse that is to be expected in a work environment. Laminate products are a great solution for many reasons, but the two most obvious perks are its cost and durability. Laminate materials are relatively inexpensive when compared to other options. In most cases, you would not want to invest in solid marble, granite or even solid wood when it is subjected to extreme conditions. In a busy workplace, no one has time to give these materials the care and maintenance they require to stay in top shape. Eventually, damage will accumulate to the point that the items are no longer acceptable, and frequent replacement of premium materials can take a huge bite out of a budget. Laminate will last longer in the first place, and if it does ever require replacement, looking at the bill will be far less painful.


If you have a large establishment with a need for many new counters or work spaces, laminate is usually the most cost-effective choice. It can be used to craft cubicles, cabinets, office furniture, desktops, industrial kitchen and bathroom counters, dining furniture, storage space, check-out areas, shelving for merchandise, garages, workshops, assembly areas, reception areas and a wide variety of other commercial needs. Installing laminate when you remodel large-scale facilities like apartment complexes and hospitals can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.


With Laminate, You’ve Got the Look

In business, a customer’s first impression can make or break a potential sale, so your business furniture and decor should look attractive, clean and organized. Laminate is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. In fact, it offers the most style variety of any surfacing material. With laminate, you can create a posh, luxurious ambiance without the exorbitant costs. It can reproduce the upscale look of wood, stone and other natural materials. It can even imitate the look of metal. Various textures can be imprinted on the surface during production using a steel plate or foil release paper.


A laminate finish may be matte, glossy or pebbled. It may include realistic-looking pits to mimic those found in polished stone. Designer laminate counter top edges provide more definition and character. Beveled, no-drip, waterfall, rounded and square edges are available options.


Because laminate features are completely customizable, you can work with your contractor to create exactly what you need for good aesthetics, efficient performance, ergonomics and optimized space. For built-in features that cannot be moved or misplaced, custom laminate is the perfect choice. If you need counter space in an odd-shaped location, there’s no problem. Laminate’s incredible versatility allows you to create virtually any atmosphere for your business, and this pays off in two ways. Creating an appealing environment will attract and keep customers, and it will also make employees happier and more productive.


More Practical Benefits of Choosing Laminate

Compared to other materials, laminate is easier to install; less time spent on installation means less disturbance of your company’s normal operation. Laminate is also easier and less expensive to remove when replacements are needed.

Unlike some natural materials, laminate does not require special chemicals or techniques for routine cleaning. Soap and water is usually all you need. You may use diluted bleach for a more thorough disinfection of surfaces.

The non-porous plastic coating on a laminated surface resists stains and does not require resealing.

When laminate surfaces are properly cleaned, allergens like mold and bacteria do not thrive on them, and laminate does not generate dust when it disintegrates. These traits make laminate a healthy choice for allergy sufferers.

Some laminate products offer heat and chemical resistance.

Because it is durable and resistant to damage, laminate can withstand frequent abuse from children and pets.

In many cases, laminate furniture items can be painted or refinished if required.


A laminate counter top can last for several decades, but you can actually replace laminate counters several times before their cost equals that of a stone counter top installation.


If making greener choices is a priority for your business, you’ll be happy to know that laminates have a few Eco-friendly traits. They are made from sustainable wood fibers and paper, and they are also lightweight products when compared to their volume, so transportation requirements are reduced. The production and installation of laminate can be accomplished with low-VOC adhesives.


For the Best Laminate Installation, Trust Your Manhattan Perfecto Contractors

To learn how budget-friendly laminate furniture or counter tops can transform your business, contact your Manhattan laminate installation specialists at Perfecto. Our expert craftsmen will keep you involved through every step of the process to ensure that your laminate features exceed your expectations for quality, appearance and functionality.