Drywall Seam Repair in NYC

Here are a few pictures of our recent drywall repair project. All the seams in this ceiling were starting to open up. The framing appeared to be in sound without any movement. However, the ceiling has alot of HVAC ducts and plumbing lines. We suspect there may have been a small leak that developed and started to open all the seams. The leak seemed to be an old leak and doesn’t appear to be recent. After we determined that the ceiling could accept the repair without replacing the drywall, we then proceeded.20130507-172519.jpg

Notice all those seams and cracks in the ceiling, very unsightly for this high end facility. The entire process begins when the Facility Managers perform their inspections. Then they reach out to us to discuss possible fixes. Every project has its own unique conditions, our goal is to simply this process with minimal disruption to your business.


We opened all the seams, removed the old paper and and embed new tape. We use fast drying setting compound to embed the tape for a speedy repair. In most cases, we are able to complete an entire repair from Embedding drywall tape to final coat of paint. We have same day drywall finishing down to a science! This is another way how we work with you keep your business up and running without and interruption.


We protect our work environment ; we use protective drop cloths and plastic to reduce the chances of dust particles flying to other areas and to minimize cleanup. After every night, the area is dusted, vacuumed cleaned, mirrors cleaned, and mopped. In most cases, we even leave the place better than we found it! I doubt you could even tell we were here just hours before.



And finally, the picture of the finished product. Looks just like the day it was first finish! This is the image we help you preserve for your business. Its a much better sight than what we originally started with. If you have any questions regarding this project, or any other questions, kindly contact us, we will be more than happy to answer them for you. Find out we can be of service to your business.