Drywall and Repair

Drywall Hanging and Repair Contractor in Westchester, New York.

Drywall is an important component of a home or building that serves several functions besides forming the structure of walls and ceilings. Most often made from gypsum plaster and paper, it offers a smooth surface, insulation, noise reduction and stability.

Although durable, drywall can become damaged through various means– cracks, holes, and moisture exposure often occur. These blemishes can detract from the home’s appearance and sometimes lead to more serious problems.

Perfecto offers full services for both new installation and drywall repair. With over 25 years of experience in renovation and a solid reputation in the local community, a NYC drywall contractor can produce flawless walls and seamless corrections.

Our Services

Drywall Installation 

Our professional NYC drywall contractors install drywall for any type of residential or commercial buildings. This includes new builds, renovations and additions.

Drywall Finishing

Once drywall is installed, it is finished using a series of steps that include taping, adding layers of compound and sanding to a smooth, perfect finish.

Skim Coating

Skim coating refers to the application of mud compound which is then skimmed off to create a smooth surface. The technique can be used in both drywall installation and repair. Skim coating can bring old walls into like new condition.

Sound Proofing

While all drywall offers some reduction in noise, specialized products and methods can be utilized to produce an enhanced sound-proofing effect. In most soundproofing applications, we use Green Glue products.

Wood & Steel Framing

Our services cover both traditional wood and steel drywall framing. Some considerations between the two choices include cost, energy efficiency, and water and fire resistance. A NYC  framing contractor can help to determine the most appropriate choice.

Drywall Repair Services Touch Up Patching and Damage Repair

Occasional damage to drywall is almost inevitable. We can offer complete restoration from any type of damage using professional techniques that will ensure a like-new surface and lasting results.


Mold growth on the porous material of drywall can be a serious problem that may cause not only structural damage but health risks. Our experts can determine what measures are needed to correct both existing mold problems and underlying structural damage.

Fire, Smoke and Water Damage

Fire damages can be minor or severe, and smoke may cause significant oily residue and odor. Careful cleaning or removal and replacement of damaged materials can restore a flame-scarred wall or ceiling to perfection. Water damage from leakage or flooding may require extensive, careful repair to ensure a safe and intact structure.

Nail Pops and Stress Cracks

Unsightly and annoying nail pops are often seen when houses begin to settle. Stress cracks also occur with normal settling and shifting or changes in the position of framing materials. Our contractors can easily correct both of these problems.

Framing and Boarding

When damage is severe enough to require reconstruction of an area, our professionals can repair improper or damaged framing and reinstall boards to stabilize the structure or solve a recurrent problem permanently.