Commercial Contractor in Manhattan NY

Commercial Building and Maintenance Contractor in Manhattan New York

Keeping your facilities clean and looking great is what Perfecto Construction Corp. Does best!

Owning a busy business or commercial building in the Manhattan area poses many different important and often regular maintenance issues for facilities owners.  If your business is busy with high foot traffic then you already know trying to keep your building clean, looking good and all the systems functioning properly is a daunting task.

Depending on what your business is and does your maintenance needs will be different.  Maybe you have a busy retail store and you like to refresh the interior design and layout once a year.  Maybe you are a commercial building owner or leasing firm and you need a reliable contractor that can address anything on your properties related to maintenance and construction?

We know it’s tough to find a reliable company in Manhattan, it’s why we started Perfecto Construction Corp.

Some of the common issues were hearing from our commercial remodeling customers was that they find it difficult just to find a contractor who will return calls.  Others have said they were tired of the unqualified workers who were completing sub-par work on their facilities and generally taking a long time to do it.

You own a business, we understand that.  Your business moves at the pace of your customers and that’s everyday.  You need a contractor who can service your commercial building and maintenance needs quickly, with qualified personal who complete the work on your building to a higher standard than everyone else.

Perfecto Construction Corporation was started in 1984 as a simple construction company.  From there we’ve grown into a full service construction and remodeling company with a strong focus on commercial clients who are looking for reliable, trustworthy contractor who can take care of their building and maintenance needs.

Commercial Construction Services in Manhattan, NY

Commercial Builder in Manhattan New York.We can complete any small or medium sized commercial construction projects within Manhattan, NY.  Licensed and insured to work within the city we are also well versed on the local building codes and the intricacies of commercial construction/remodeling inside the city.  From building a new location for a franchise business to building new office space for your professional practice to building a new strip mall.  We have the construction experience and the connected sub-trades to complete your commercial construction projects within Manhattan, NY.

Commercial Remodeling Services in Manhattan, NY

Commercial Remodeling Contractor Manhattan New York.Businesses remodel their facilities frequently to keep up with design trends that can appeal to their customers, employees and the public in general.  It can be tough for a business and building owners to find a general contractor who understands their business model and some of the urgencies and special accommodations that must be made by while remodeling their facility.  Perfecto Construction Corp specializes in remodeling commercial buildings and facilities.  From completely refreshing the interior of your local Manhattan business to adding another 2000 square feet of space.  We’ll be able to provide you with solutions.

Commercial Building Maintenance and Repairs Manhattan, NY

Commercial Building Maintenance and Repair in Manhattan, New York.If you’ve been in business or owned a building in Manhattan for a few years then you already know how much maintenance is required to keep your facility operating in top shape.  Everything from the mechanical systems that make your building function to the appearance of your building and the finishing materials inside.  In a commercial setting everything wears out faster.  Flooring wears out quicker, paint gets scraped and scratched, walls get dented, accidents happen and things get broken, design trends change, there are so many reasons a business owner needs the services of a reliable commercial maintenance contractor.

Commercial Contractor Serving Manhattan, New York

perfecto-vanPerfecto Construction Corporation is a general contractor based out of Manhattan, New York.  We specialize in working with commercial clients who are business owners, building owners, building managers or other people who oversee the management of a facility.  We provide a one-stop-shop for your construction, remodeling, renovating and refreshing needs and we also complete the daily, weekly, monthly or annual maintenance your facility likely requires.


If you’re looking for an estimate for your commercial construction or maintenance project then give Perfecto Construction Corp. A call today!