Average Renovation Cost in Manhattan

Average Renovation Cost in Manhattan – 2013 


Every home renovation is different, from the budget to the type of custom renovation you desire. As a client, you want your renovation done right, within budget, and on time. We are frequently asked “how much would this cost me” so we decided to write this entry on the average cost for the most common project in a renovation.


In any project, circumstances arise that alter the final cost, for example: the scope of the project; the type and quality of materials or fixtures, and change orders. Unforeseen conditions are another reason that usually alters the final cost. For example, we were contracted to do a bathroom remodel, and after the demolition stage, the floor joist were found to be rotted and needs to be replaced. In all honesty, no one can predict the conditions of the joist.


Below are the estimated costs of a few selected major items to help you plan your next renovation project.



Office Renovations


A office renovation in NYC generally consist of New Flooring, drywall repairs, new paint, extended office space, and new furniture. As business grows, more office space becomes necessary. As business traffic grows, offices and facilities are in constant need of updates and repairs.


Estimated Cost : $10,000 and up


Major Kitchen


A major kitchen renovation is an extremely important project, and consists of removing all the existing fixtures, walls, ceiling, and flooring to expose the framing and sub-flooring. Depending on your design, everything is new: new fixtures, walls, ceiling, hardwood or tile floors, lighting, plumbing rearranged, kitchen cabinets,

stone counter tops, windows, and high-end appliances.


Estimated cost: $25,000 and up




A high-end bathroom renovation generally consists of all new tiles surrounding the tub and custom-built shower, tile floor, toilet, sinks, faucets, vanity, plumbing, and lights.


Estimated cost: $16,000 and up


Master Bathroom


A master bathroom is larger than a regular bathroom and usually consists of two sinks, a tub, toilet, vanity, and a separate shower. While comparable to a regular bathroom renovation, the master bathroom is distinctive with more luxurious fixtures.


Estimated cost: $21,000 and up.


Window Replacements


Window replacements are either wood or vinyl. Wood windows are installed within the existing frame, and either painted or stained. Energy efficient vinyl windows cost less, have a good appearance, and cut heating and cooling costs. The savings over the years will more than pay for the window cost over the years. Energy audits show how much heat loss are lost in older windows due to draft.


Estimated Cost: $9,000 and up.


Entry Doors


Nothing improves the look and value of your home more than a top quality entry door with the best Affordable hardware. An independent study found that the addition of a top quality wood door increased home value by 5%.

Estimated cost: $3,500 and up.


These costs are approximate and depend on selection and how complex the project is. The true cost of any renovation project is the amount you are willing to spend. The product combinations are endless.


Perfecto Construction Corp. is a Manhattan General Contractor that provides their clients with quality workmanship, on time, and at affordable prices. We work with budgets of all kinds and NEVER compromise workmanship based on price. Consider us for your next renovation project, give us a call, even if your just curious about the cost of a particular project, we could ball park figures for you right over the phone.