ADA Shower Curb Installation in NYC

Here we are installing a curb for a roll in shower for a commercial shower in NYC. The problem here is that water would spill outside of the shower and soaking the entire bathroom floor whenever the shower was in use. To keep the ADA compliance, we removed two rows of showers tiles, and set the new curb in place. The new curb is slightly raised to contain the water within the shower while still allowing a wheel chair to roll in with ease. The results were just as we expected them to be. No more water spilling out while still remaining functional. This particular facility has only been opened 6 months, and already bathroom modifications were necessary. Our client reached out to us, and we quickly came up with a solution. Being a commercial contractor in NYC, we learned that timing is everything, and we mean everything. The solution that you came up with should have been installed yesterday! ADA compliant can be tricky for the average contractor, so choosing the right contractor for the job can be tough. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




ADA Shower Installation

ADA Shower Curb Installed


ADA Shower curb installation

ADA Shower curb installation

Removing existing tile